NLS Equipment Finance LLC gives your bankcard business new and better ways to offer equipment financing to your merchant customers.

We have refined, revamped and revitalized traditional leasing.

Leasing Reimagined

The best and brightest minds from bankcard leasing have come together to create a new finance company.
Repurposing years of industry experience.
Redirected to meeting the needs of our ISO clients.
Revitalizing customer opportunity and profit centers. Really.

Revamped Programs

Specializing in micro-ticket
leasing of new, used and
refurbished bankcard equipment
No Payment Recourse
on select programs
Simple documentation and
fast response times
Direct Lender: Reasonable pricing
with Responsive customer service.
No middleman.
Clear and transparent
Profitable programs
for ISOs of any size

Reconsider Equipment Finance

Renewed Focus

Each of our team members has spent decades learning the most productive structures and procedures for equipment leasing.

Each built an extensive database of equipment providers and lenders with whom they have developed mutually productive and well-established relationships.

Each shared their experiences, expertise and connections to form a new kind of finance company.

It’s the best of traditional leasing and the beginning of much, much better.

Revitalized Products and Services

NLS Equipment is a new kind of provider of micro-ticket equipment leasing service for small and mid-sized businesses. Based on input from dozens of ISOs and their merchant customers, NLS Equipment now offers leasing of POS terminals and equipment at exceptional terms backed by unmatched customer service. And we will never stop reinventing ourselves to stay relevant, and exceed expectations.

Real Benefits

At NLS Equipment, we understand the importance of cash flow to new, small, or growing businesses. At the same time, we recognize that these businesses also need POS payment solutions that maximize the customer checkout experience while complying with industry regulations and mitigating risk. Leasing provides the best of both worlds.

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